9 Random Tips To Help You Win More Games in Madden 24

2 min readSep 20, 2023

1. The juke move is overpowered. Just push the right stick left or right whenever a defender is near you and you’ll see what I mean.

2. You can high ball. You can free form. But one of the best ways to throw certain passes is to high ball AND free form at the same time. Love this for Posts in the middle of the field.

3. RPO Stretches are really, really good.

4. Zig routes are STILL one of the best Man Beaters, and do a great job vs zone. Use these in the slot.

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5. Gun Bunch Offset lets you block your TE. Gun Bunch does not. Therefore, Gun Bunch Offset is viewed as being a bit better against different blitzes.

6. I think Michael Vick is the best QB in the game. You can buy him for 400+ MUT 24 coins. Warren Moon is second (IMO).

7. If you’re at the 1 yardline, you can run a Dive play and hold the “Dive” button (X on Xbox, Square on PS) and get this super sick Dolphin Dive animation.

8. A newer tactic the past few years that’s extremely good and still probably underused is coming out in a certain offensive formation, and then audibling around to other formations. Basically having 2–4 plays from each formation you’re really good with. Defenses will struggle when you do this.

9. In my opinion, there’s still no clear cut best Defensive Ability. Pick artist is ok, I guess.

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