3 Tips for You to Dominate in Madden 24

1 min readAug 10, 2023

Three tips for you to Dominate in Madden 24

Number one be unpredictable with route combos to keep your opponent guessing. Try running different route combos out of the same formation. And when you motion a player, make a habit of always motioning that player in that formation and then run different plays out of it this will keep your opponent guessing throughout the game.

Number two, disguise your defense with base alignment. Gain an edge on defense by disguising your coverage by base, aligning in coaching adjustments base aligning will make your pre-snap defense look the exact same every play so your opponent will never know what you’re in. This will make it harder for your opponent to read your defense.

Number three, when your opponent presents a favorable matchup, such as having few defenders in the box for running plays, take advantage of it by no huddling By doing this, you can keep the pressure on your opponent to make quick adjustments. This strategy catches your opponent off guard and allows you to gain some extra yards.

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