NBA 2K24 MyTeam Wishlist

2 min readMay 31


My wishlist for NBA 2K24 MyTeam:

Make one XP worth 1 VC, meaning if you wanted to grind to 450,000 XP each season you can use it when you want.

Daily grindable agendas for free cards, mainly budget cards for modes like Limited etc.

Scrap Domination and run themed Spotlights every 2 weeks for a solid card.

FIFA style SBC’s for exclusive top-tier untradeable cards meaning you can use quicksell cards to source better cards.

New cards in Token market every 3 weeks.

All packs automatically hit token market after 4 weeks.

All modes go to weekly rewards which lock-in for a bigger reward at the end of the 6 week season.

All modes give you access to previous weekly rewards each weekend allowing for catch-up

Seasonal rewards are must-have hyped rewards that have at least 4–6 weeks of longevity.

5% minimum odds for headlining cards in packs at the start of the year increasing gradually to 20% then equal chance by March.

Guaranteed untradeable option pack for all headlining cards all year.

Revert to singular shot timing.

Steadier power creep to avoid Tim Thomas, Yao, Tacko, T-Mac situation — uber-meta cards start in March.

No time limits on content such as grindable agendas all available all year.