NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Adds Even More WNBA Features

NBA2K21 has officially released the trailer for WNBA in the next-gen that will feature WNBA MyPlayer, Online, and Franchise modes. Let’s have a brief look at the WNBA Features by NBA 2K21 Next-Gen.


What options will NBA 2K21 WNBA Franchise Mode include?

The WNBA Franchise mode in NBA 2K21 will contain the following options:

• Customize rules, finances, CBA, draft, and everything in between. Use 2K presets, or download shared settings from the community.
• Skip the season altogether and get straight to the playoffs in Playoff mode.
Play with friends in Online Leagues.
• Turn on role-playing elements to experience the WNBA from a GM’s perspective.
• Compete on a leaderboard.

What are the major features included for WNBA in the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen?

The long-requested feature for the ability to create a female MyPlayer in the game has been fulfilled. You can either use your face scan or the stock face to start your career as an WNBA player. There are several builds that you can choose from to start your journey.


Here’s a breakdown of the Player Types:

• 2-Way Playmaker. PG & SG eligible.
→ Good at ball-handling and passing. Good at defending the perimeter.
• 2-Way Point Forward. SF & PF eligible.
→ Good at ball-handling and passing. Good at perimeter and interior defense (SF perimeter, PF interior).
• Slashing Playmaker. PG, & SG eligible.
→ Good at ball-handling, passing and finishing near the rim.
• Slashing Point Forward. SF & PF.
→ Good at ball-handling, passing and finishing near the rim.
• Inside-Out Playmaker. PG, & SF eligible.
→ Good at 3’s, finishing inside, ball-handling and finishing near the rim.
• Inside-Out Point Forward. SF & PF eligible.
→ Good at 3’s, finishing inside, ball-handling and finishing near the rim.
• 2-Way Slasher. PG, SG, & SF eligible.
→ Good perimeter defender who is also good at ball-handling and finishing near the rim.
•2-Way Slashing Four. PF eligible.
→ Good perimeter/interior defender who is also good at ball-handling and finishing near the rim.
• 2-Way Slashing Five. C eligible.
→ Good interior defender who is also good at ball-handling and finishing near the rim.
• 3&D Point. PG, SG, & SF eligible.
→ Good perimeter defender who is also good at shooting 3's
• 3-Level Scorer. All positions eligible.
→ Can score inside, mid-range, and beyond the arc.
• Offensive Threat. PG, SG, & SF eligible.
→ Good at all things offense — scoring inside, medium range and 3pt as well as ball-handling and passing.
• Sharpshooter. All positions eligible.
→ Great at shooting mid-range and 3's.
• Playmaking Shot Creator. PG, SG, SF, & PF eligible.
→ Good at ball-handling, passing and shooting mid-range shots.
• Post Scorer. PF & C eligible.
→ Great at scoring with their back to the basket.
• Lockdown Defender. PG, SG, SF, & PF eligible.
→ Great all-around defender. The PG-SF are mostly perimeter. PF is mostly interior.
• Defensive Anchor. C eligible.
→ Great interior defender (blocks, interior defense).
• Paint Beast. SF, PF, & C eligible.
→ Good at scoring inside, interior defending and rebounding.

Along with these builds, there are new career options as well for the players in-game. These five career options have its own perks that will help you in the game.

1). Coach: Think Kristi Toliver here. These jobs center on improving your knowledge and abilities in the game of basketball. Doing these will be beneficial mostly to your MyPLAYER’s Progression and sometimes Teammate Chemistry.

2). Entrepreneur: à la Jessica Breland. Learn how to run your own business and become better at making money. Doing these jobs will, of course, be most impactful to your player’s Wealth.

3). Global Icon: Basketball has worldwide appeal. These jobs are focused on reaching an international audience — both for your personal Popularity and the WNBA Popularity. We had Diana Taurasi in mind for this one.

4). Fashion Icon: Did someone say Liz Cambage? Fashion matters in sports and is an important part of the lives of fans and players. Doing fashion icon jobs will help your own Popularity and often give a boost to your Wealth.

5). Influencer: Just like Breanna Stewart or Candace Parker, athletes are influencers and the jobs in this category will help you influence your fans and gain new ones along the way.

As you progress in these roles you’ll gain more WNBA contacts who send texts and help you out on your journey.

WNBA Features

This wraps up the career mode section for WNBA, but wait, there’s more. You can now enjoy the MyLeague counterpart, the MyWNBA game mode as well. The NBA 2K21 next-gen will allow players to control 12 WNBA teams and manage them in a full season.

Lastly, the developers haven’t forgotten about the online mode. The W online mode will allow you to pair up in team of 3 and battle against each other in multiplayer mode. However, this feature is exclusive to “The W” playing mode, regardless it’s an amazing to have this feature in the game.

What are the best WNBA MyPlayer player types in NBA 2K21 next-gen?

There are over 15 different player types, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here, let’s take a look at which ones we think are the best, broken down by position.

1). Offensive Threat

Offensive Threat players will have good ball-handling, passing, and shooting attributes, and this type is versatile. Point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards can also use this type.

2). 3-Level Scorer

3-Level Scorer does give a boost to all shots, regardless if it’s inside the paint, a mid-range jumper, or a three-point shot. On top of that, it’s also a type that can be used with all positions, making it even more versatile than the Offensive Threat archetype.

3). Slashing Playmaker and Point Forward

Both types have good ball-handling and passing attributes, and finishing inside the paint is also a strong suit for this archetype.

4). Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter player type can be used with all five positions on the court. This type will give players great attributes for mid-range and three-point shots, something that the 3-Level Scorer type, which is more balanced, doesn’t offer.

5). Post Scorer

Post Scorers, which can be either a power forward or a center, will be great at scoring with their backs facing the basket, meaning that you should get a much-needed boost when attempting a shot inside.

6). Lockdown Defender

The Lockdown Defender type should be perfect for players who want an extra step when guarding opposing players on the court, as those players will have great all-around defensive attributes.

In this year’s next-gen edition of the game, the WNBA is bigger than ever before, so many changes are coming to the game when it launches alongside the new consoles. In addition, click here for more NBA 2k21 information and updates. Of course, to enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy NBA 2k21 mt from here. It’s safe, fast, reliable, 24/7 service and help you save more time and more money on buying mt 2k21.



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