NBA 2K20 How To Get Steals

5 min readSep 4, 2019


Stealing The Ball Tips

If you want to score more points in the NBA 2k20, stealing is an important factor you shouldn’t ignore. Try and only go for the steal against a player who doesn’t have great handling, or while they’re in the act of passing the ball. Even just one or two stolen possessions can be the difference between winning and losing the game. We’ve provided you with some NBA 2K20 steal tips.

The Regular On-Ball Steal

Do not press the steal button (X) over and over again. If you do that, or if you try to steal the ball when the opponent is in clear control of the ball or is protecting it with his body, your player won’t steal the ball but will perform a personal foul, instead. Risk getting burned or called for the foul, the feel of the timing will now count so much more. Wait for the ball to be vulnerable before going for the steal, experimenting with different angles as well as straight on. A good method is to shade the ball handler from the side the ball is on, and get steals from the side angle. For your my player, equip the Pick Pocket signature skill to increase the success rate of on-ball steals.

Play the Passing Lanes / Intercept the Pass

You don’t always have to steal the ball from the player who has it. You can also intercept a pass from one player to another. Take your defender to a “passing lane,” one of the areas near the paint from which players will approach the basket. Bounced passes are much harder to intercept, but you have a good chance to steal lobbed passes, especially if the receiving player is in the post.

This tactic alone is why playing on-ball defense 100% of the time isn’t always the best way to play defense. If you’re playing vs a human opponent, try bluffing the double team towards the ball handler in hopes that he’ll rush a pass to the man you’re guarding — for the easy tipped pass or steal. For your my player, equip the Interceptor signature skill to increase the success rate of pass steals, lunge distance, better foot planting, and ability to catch the ball.

Poke the Ball from Behind

When trailing the ball handler, poke the ball loose from behind. Use players who are better at stealing the ball, such as Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Russell Westbrook. Such players have a much better chance of success, especially if the opposing point guard is dribbling the ball.

Deny the Point Guard the Ball

This tip is the most effective vs the CPU. Because many CPU plays are run through the point guard, it’s a smart strategy to deny ball on the PG and anticipate stealing the pass from other players on the court.

Vs Big Man Steal

This steal method is particularly effective under the hoop — where PF’s and C’s usually like to hang out. The kryptonite for the “big-man-camping-under-hoop-for-easy-standing-dunk-all-day” is the poor ball handling ratings of most bigs. So instead of trying to block a posterizing center who has a high low post and dunk rating, it’s easier and more successful to go for the steal instead. For your my player, equip the Active Hands signature skill to increase the success rate of poking the ball loose under the hoop.

After your team scores, wait under the basket for the opposing team to pass inbounds

Before the opposition inbound the ball after you’ve scored a basket, you stand and block the passing lane to the PG, who it would normally go to. The computer will recognize this and pass it to the SG. Now, the SG will bring the ball up and you run up the court with the PG and mirror where he goes but always blocking the passing lane. Once he stops, expect the SG to pass it back to the PG, despite you blocking the lane. Go on and get an easy steal.

The Double Team Trap

The double team is always an effective method to get steals, whether it’s on-ball or playing the passing lanes. Versus the CPU, you could call a half-court trap and wait for the ball handler to pass the ball, or you could be one of the double teamers and try to pry the ball loose. Make sure to use the trap strategically, during times when there are enough defenders back and in position to rotate to the open man.

Dribbers are easier to steal from

Dribbers, in general, are easier to steal from. If the ball is close to you and the player’s body is not blocking it, try to steal it. You’ll have an easier chance of getting it during spin moves, and some players naturally have low “Ball Security” and can’t protect it as well.

Pay Attention to Left Stick Direction When Attempting a Steal

This tip is more subtle and less known, but it makes a huge difference! When attempting a steal, you want to point the Left Stick going away from the direction you are stealing from (on absolute controller settings). If you notice your player is sliding around a lot when you go for steals, leaving you out of position, it usually has to do with the direction you are pointing the Left Stick. So experiment with pointing it different directions to get the hang of it.

Please note:
If you’re going against a good ball-handler, do not go for a steal unless you know you have good help defense behind you.
If you play passing lanes, make sure you’re close to your man still — every once in a while you can get a lunging animation that takes you out of the play for a second or two.
If you crash offensive boards & don’t get the rebound, get on whoever has the ball and try slapping it away or get between him & the PG (or ball handler) and play passing lanes.
If you’re guarding a rookie/bad ball-handler, be over-aggressive going for steals.
If you can do it while staying in position, go for a steal when a big man is backing down in the post & the ball’s facing out.

The classic steal is one of the most exciting defensive plays because of it. Hopefully, our tips on steals will help you. In addition, we also offer NBA 2k20 mt coins service. If you need it, please click here.