MLB The Show 24: Has The Marketing Been Frustrating to You?

2 min readFeb 27, 2024

We have to have an uncomfortable conversation about MLB The Show 24 and specifically how SDS is deciding to market the game to us this year.

Now as we sit here today we’re currently 18 days away from early release. And we have no feature premiere this week. Up to this point, we know basically nothing about the game.

This really leads to only two options:

one, the game hasn’t changed from MLB The Show 23 and they’re not showing us anything because they legitimately have nothing to show us. Now this would be the worst possible outcome for the community. A lot of people really didn’t like 23 and if they just run it back not only is that going to make the community probably dislike the game. But it’s also going to significantly impact the trust that the community would have about SDS moving forward and honestly we probably turn a lot of people away from the game completely moving forward, especially with NCAA football coming back.

Now the second option is the one that I am really hoping for and it might be Cobian. Honestly but we’ll have to wait and see. It’s the SDS has made substantial changes to the game, but they are holding it close to the chest to either dump all the information on us just a couple of weeks before launch or they’re going to wait and let us experience the changes ourselves and get a better understand of the game when we actually get our hands on the game. This would obviously be the best outcome because it means that they’ve made changes to the game. They’ve listened to our feedback and they’ve done the things we want. Now is this the most likely outcome.

But it’s the one I have to hope for because if they just run it back with MLB The Show 23 again for MLB The Show 24. Who we it’s gonna be along year.

MLB Stubs sellers are ready to sell MLB The Show 24 Stubs, yet SDS hasn’t announced any. How ironic!