How to Get Bonus VC in NBA 2K21?

4 min readDec 29, 2020

Just like NBA 2K MT, Virtual Currency (VC) is also a vital part of NBA 2K titles, including NBA 2K21 which can be used to purchase upgrades for your MyPlayer, cosmetics such as clothing and shoes, and Player Packs in MyTeam. But how to get VC in NBA 2K21? In this guide, we will give you all the best NBA 2K21 VC Farming tips we have discovered so far so you can get rich in no time.

1. Earning Endorsements in MyCareer


The most direct way to earn VC is through MyCareer mode. Every MyCareer game gives you a guaranteed salary, and if you play well, the bonuses and rewards are much more lucrative than in the other game modes in NBA 2K21. You’re lucky if you get these since these greatly increase the amount of VC that you earn from playing.

2. Sim MyLeague games

Simming MyLeague games are the easiest way for acquiring VC. First, set up a new MyLeague mode. Set quarter length to 12 and difficulty in Hall of Fame. You can also mess with settings to make games go as quickly as possible: turn down the foul frequency, turn up the game speed, etc. Once you’re set-up, all you have to do is select a matchup on the calendar, place your controller in the middle to make it AI vs. AI, then start the game. When the game has concluded and you exit out, you’ll earn some VC.

3. Earning VC With the NBA 2K21 Mobile App

Another easy way to earn some VC in NBA 2K21 is to download the NBA 2K21 Mobile App. Downloading the game’s app will ensure that you are rewarded with VC every day. Just log in daily to collect 500 VC a day.

4. Watch 2KTV

You can try tackling the NBA 2K21 2KTV quiz to win some free VC. You could find the answers online beforehand and easily come out of each episode with an extra 1000 to 2000 VC. Like the app, this one of the easiest methods to earn VC without actually playing the game.

5. Play the Daily Spin for easy VC

Daily Spin

In MyCareer mode, the neighborhood has some of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to earn VC fast. The Daily Spin is one such method, which can be found at Jeff’s 2K Arcade in the neighborhood. Head inside every day and spin the wheel. If you are lucky, you can anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand extra VC just by spinning the wheel. As you level-up, you’ll also be eligible to spin more than once per day as there is also a separate wheel for elite-level players, which gives out more lucrative prizes and larger amounts of VC.

6. Predict Real-World NBA Results

If you happen to be in Jeff’s 2K Arcade for the Daily Spin, then you may want to hit up one of the kiosks around the back that allows you to predict real-world NBA results. Select the correct winners, though, and there’s easy VC in it for you.

7. Play Now Online for easy VC

Play Now Online

The “Play Now Online” mode is the most straightforward avenue for earning VC in NBA 2K21. Essentially, all you have to do is hop online, choose a team, and play against someone to get your hands on more VC.

8. Take advantage of the Daily Challenge to get VC

In MyCareer, the Daily Challenge is another VC earning method that’s not taken advantage of enough. Found under “The Neighbourhood” tab, a new challenge appears every day; it rewards you with around 1,000 to 5,000 VC for completing a task by the end of the 24-hour window.

9. Check the Event Schedule to find VC-earning opportunities

NBA 2K keeps the community engaged with events throughout the NBA season, with many of the events presenting an opportunity to earn extra VC. The community events range several themes, including “Dime Time” and “Dunk Fest.” If the goal is reached, every participant that contributes receives a VC reward, with the highest contributors getting extra VC.

10. Play Daily Trivia to make millions of VC

The Daily Trivia is another event that can make you a 2K millionaire overnight. Every day at a set time (depending on your time zone), there will be a 2K Daily Trivia event, which is accessed through your phone in the MyCareer neighborhood. This is one of the few ways in NBA 2K21 to strike land heaps of VC without dedicating hours of playing time.

11. Battle in The Cages for extra VC

Located at 2K Pier Park, “The Cages” is another unique way to earn VC in the Neighborhood.

12. Face-Off Against Players on The Stage

The Stage is basically a giant betting ground where you battle players in a competition. Winning will earn you some VC while losing will cost you a bit of it. This means that this method is a High Risks/High Rewards type scenario. If you’re playing well and you feel lucky then you can Ante up so that you can win some serious VC.

There you have it: you now know how to get VC in NBA 2K21. Hurry up and try it in the game! For more information on 2K Sports’ basketball simulation, check out here.