How to Change Starting Lineup and Affiliation in NBA 2K23?

Keep reading to learn how to change Starting Lineup and Affiliation in NBA 2K23 because today we will tell you how to do them.

How to Change Starting Lineup in NBA 2K23?

Change Starting Lineup

To change the starting lineup in NBA 2K23:

1). Go to the Coach Gameplan section of MyCareer.
2). Click on the coaching tab or the pause menu in the main menu to change your starting lineup.

The starting lineup can be changed before the match starts in NBA 2K23 MyCareer. To set the lineup:

1). Select the team or teams you want to play as and press X.
2). Now, select which player will start in each position, including the three-point shot.
3). From there, select who goes on the bench or substitute when someone gets injured during gameplay.
4). If anyone leaves due to an injury during gameplay, switch them out with someone else from your roster.

How to Change Your MyCareer Affiliation in NBA 2K23?

Change Affiliation

Here’s a step-by-step to changing your NBA 2K23 MyCareer affiliation:

1). Access the Map with the Touchpad. You want to travel to either of the four corners of the map:

• South City Vipers
• Western Wildcats
• Beasts of the East
• NorthSide Knights

2). Once you figure out which side you want to team up on, take the nearest fast travel station and head over to that area. Fast traveling via the Subway icons will make your journey a breeze.

3). After arrival, scan the surrounding area for a small banner with the words “Transfer Here.” This banner serves as the Affiliation Transfer post in NBA 2K23.

4). Once you’ve found it, press the button when prompted to put in your Affiliation Transfer Request, and you’ll see the three Affiliations you’re not currently with.

5). Select the Affiliation you’d prefer to be assigned to. After a confirmation prompt that guilts you over “betraying” your current home to pledge loyalty elsewhere, you can submit the request.

That’s all you need to know about how to Change Starting Lineup and Affiliation in NBA 2K23. Be sure to click here to check out all of our NBA 2K23-related content — such as how to alley-oop or fake a pass, how to change shot timing & meter, and where to buy MT 2K23 — plus even more.



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