How Does MyTEAM Works in NBA 2K21?

4 min readMar 2, 2021

MyTeam is one of the hottest modes in the 2K franchise, but it’s not easy for beginners to get started. So, here’s a look at how does MyTEAM works in NBA 2K21. Let’s get into it.

What is MyTEAM?

MyTEAM allows you to build your own dream team from scratch. It contains current NBA players as well as stars from history and features a variety of different game modes — both online and offline.

The more you play, the more you earn and the better your team will become.


There are two types of modes available in 2K21. Online and offline.

1. Online Modes

There are three main online modes, these are as follows:

1). MyTEAM Unlimited 2.0

MyTEAM Unlimited

A traditional 5v5 mode where players can earn qualification for the MyTEAM Unlimited 2.0 Tournament!

2). Triple Threat Online

A more casual mode where players compete in a 3v3 first to 21 to earn the chance at unlocking prizes.

3). MyTEAM Limited

A new mode, MyTEAM Limited, has players compete in a 5v5 tournament but there are unique lineup creation rules each week. MyTEAM Limited runs from Friday to Sunday.

2. Offline Modes

For offline gamers, there are also three modes available.

1). Triple Threat

The same rules as Triple Threat Online, just offline against AI opponents.

2). Domination

Play 5v5 against a range of different CPU lineups with strengths and weaknesses you’ll have to target.

3). Challenges

These change every week, allowing players to take on different challenges to unlock exclusive rewards!

How to unlock players

The key to success in MyTEAM is to build the best squad — but first, you’ll have to unlock the right players. There is a variety of ways in which you can do that.

1. MyTeam Starter

At the start of the game, you will get to pick some cards called starter packs in MyTeam. So here are the best NBA 2k21 MyTeam starters.

• Allen Iverson
• Dwayne Wade
• Carmelo Anthony
• Kevin Garnett
• Shaquille O’Neal

2. Packs

The way that most people bulk out their club is through the pack market.

There is a range of base packs that will stay on the market throughout the year, as well as promotional packs that are ever-changing.

Packs can be bought with NBA 2K21 MT points — which are earned through playing games or selling players — or VC — which can be purchased through your respective market.

3. Auction House

If you have a specific player in mind, the best place to head is to the Auction House. This is where you can search for the exact card you want!

The only currency you can use to buy or sell players on the Auction House is MT points.

4. Collections / The Exchange

The Exchange

The way to unlock players is through Collections or via The Exchange.

If you complete a full team — for instance, the current Boston Celtics — you will earn a special card dedicated to that team.

The Exchange — a new feature for 2K21 — gives players a specific set of cards that they have to exchange to get a special card in return.

Leveling Up fast in MyTeam

There are a total of 40 XP levels in the game for now. So here are some tips for you on how you can level up quickly in MyTeam.

1. Seasonal Agendas

These are the best way to get some extra XPs added.

The thing you want to do is go to the Season Agendas. There you will see many headings on the left side and when you click any of them you will get to see the agendas.

These are basically challenging that you have to complete in the game and they will get you XP.

2. Player Rewards

When you level up as you gain more XP, you will unlock more players as well. The first one will be at Level 7 ‘Rick Fox’. And with that, you will get some challenges of your own that you will have to complete and will get XP. Basically, this will keep you going as your XP keeps rising.

3. Lifetime Agendas

These are the lifetime collections and rewards and for these big rewards you will have big challenges but they will be worth it. Now along with playing more and more games if you keep an eye on these challenges and agendas it will help you a lot and speed up your XP gain and your level up in MyTeam.

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