EA Sports FC 24 — Women Features in Ultimate Team

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Women Features in Ultimate Team

EA has forfeited the naming rights for their adored football simulation, resulting in no publication of FIFA 24. Rather, EA Sports FC will release as the latest version of FIFA.

A glimpse into the upcoming EA football game, FC 24, reveals that women will be added to Ultimate Team.

Find out all you need to know about women in FC 24 Ultimate Team and how it will be different from FIFA 24 below.

EA and FIFA Split

The unfamiliar name “EA Sports FC” must be accustomed to despite its peculiarity. The term “FIFA” will likely persist for a considerable time as EA has been producing new iterations of the game for more than three decades. Ultimately, the termination of their collaboration was attributed to exorbitant demands made by the World Football Federation upon EA.

FIFA plans to create a FIFA 24 game, as stated by President Gianni Infantino.

“I can assure you that the only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available for gamers and football fans. The FIFA name is the only global, original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on — the constant is the FIFA name and it will remain forever and remain THE BEST.”

With the previous partners now making rival titles there could be a scrappy battle on to see who can lure the most fans to their title!

With FIFA still searching for a game developer to work with, EA is clearly in the lead.

EA already has the gameplay and a model to build upon, has secured deals for licenses with major leagues and player associations and is bringing more women’s teams to the title.

With more women’s clubs coming in FC 24, it opens up the door to expand into a Women’s Career Mode and to include women in Ultimate Team!

Women Leaked for FUT

An image from EA Sports FC was leaked, showing a potential Women’s Ultimate Team mode logo. However, there is no official confirmation yet about its inclusion in the game.

IIt is unclear if Women’s Ultimate Team will be a separate entity from traditional Ultimate Team or merge with it.

EA has initiated progress by adding the Spanish La Liga F to their collection. This could be a hint towards expanding women’s Career Mode with additional clubs and leagues.

Leakers have rekindled the idea, but without concrete evidence.

EA is set to showcase their commitment to covering women’s soccer with the introduction of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and all 12 clubs, as well as the UEFA Women’s Champions League (UWCL) competition and knockout stage clubs in March.

With all clubs from the Barclays Women’s Super League (WSL) and Division 1 Arkema included from the release of FIFA 23, FC 24 looks set to build on the momentum and add even more women’s clubs!

It will be interesting to see how women players will be included in FC 24 Ultimate Team as there are plenty of things for the designers to consider.

One idea that has been put forward is that there will be a totally separate Women’s Ultimate Team just featuring the female players, but that doesn’t seem like the way to go for us.

Surely, the women players will just be added to the player pool of the usual FUT roster, with their starting overall rating taken from the initial FC 24 rating, just like what currently happens.

The women’s cards would be treated the same as the men’s, with upgrades coming via special items in promos, SBCs and objectives.

There are a couple of key areas that need to be thought about in development.

Initially, let us examine the chemical interaction between Mason Mount and Sam Kerr. As representatives of Chelsea’s male and female teams respectively, would they exhibit any form of connection? Or is it appropriate to view them as distinct entities? Additionally, could we presume a correlation between the Premier League and WSL squads?

When additional information regarding EA Sports FC 24 emerges, we will provide an update.

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