Diablo 4 Microtransaction Prices Spark Player Discontent

2 min readMay 31


Social media is abuzz with discussions about premium cosmetics in Diablo 4’s cash shop, and it seems that many players are dissatisfied with the price tags attached to these items. While the game itself is receiving positive reviews and is expected to be a critical success, players feel that the microtransactions in the in-game shop are overpriced for a premium title. Amidst these conversations, some players have even expressed their frustration, jokingly commenting, “I might as well buy Diablo 4 gold with these prices!”

With the recent lifting of the embargo, the Diablo community now has a clearer understanding of what to expect in their latest adventure in Sanctuary. The open beta and server slam have generated excitement among players, but one major point of contention revolves around Blizzard’s approach to monetization in Diablo 4.

Concerns initially arose when Diablo Immortal, released in June 2022, featured aggressive microtransactions. Players were worried that Blizzard would take a similar approach with Diablo 4, set to release a year later. Despite the base edition of Diablo 4 being priced at $70 and featuring a Battle Pass system costing $10 (or $25 for an accelerated option with an emote), fans were hopeful that the actual cosmetic items would be more reasonably priced.

However, the reality seems to differ from these expectations. Premium cosmetics in Diablo 4 are priced at $28 per set, even surpassing the costs found in Blizzard’s free-to-play title, Overwatch 2. Unlike Path of Exile, Diablo’s free-to-play rival, where armor sets are versatile across classes, Diablo 4’s sets are limited to a single class. This discrepancy makes the high price tag of Diablo 4’s cosmetics appear significantly more unfair in comparison. The images from the cash shop shared on the official Diablo subreddit by Uberkull have sparked numerous player complaints about the game’s monetization.

It’s important to note that the premium store items in Diablo 4 are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay. Spending 2800 Platinum on a visually striking Necromancer set, for example, won’t enhance the speed of one’s minions. Blizzard has mentioned that players will be able to earn premium currency through the paid Battle Pass system, although not enough to purchase the next Battle Pass. Therefore, fans should lower their expectations regarding the possibility of accumulating enough Platinum to buy cosmetics.

Overall, the initial consensus suggests that Blizzard has crafted a worthy successor to the beloved Diablo 2. The game excels in gameplay, character progression, story, and atmosphere, capturing the essence of a Diablo sequel. Diablo 4 is anticipated to be a commercial success when it releases on June 6. However, the game comes with a high price tag and microtransaction prices that feel more suited to free-to-play titles, rather than premium releases. Whether Diablo 4 will be an exception or the beginning of a new trend in the gaming industry remains to be seen.