Diablo 4: How Seasons Will Work

7 min readJun 27, 2023

Let’s explain how Diablo 4 seasons are going to work. The reason that we are going to do this is because there are a good amount of people that are new to Diablo that might not understand seasons. So a lot of this will be basic information.

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The very first thing you should understand is when you’re going to have a new season, you will need to create a new character. That is because the characters are tied to a realm. For instance, right now, it is called the Eternal Realm, because it’s the permanent normal main server. For this reason, when you start a new season, you will create a new character. It will go onto the season realm.

At the end of the season, whatever character you had, let’s say this was my seasonal character. At the end of that season, your character will be transferred to the Eternal Realm. Meaning that character will be available to be played on the main server.

So the common question I hear is, do I need to star the new character for the new season? Will my old character carry over? No, it will not carry over. You will need a new character for the new season.

The reason for this is that seasonal mechanics often will accelerate growth, make you stronger, change the way aspects work, etc. So it would make sense. Everyone needs a new character in order to experience this fairly. That also means if you start season one later in the game or you purchase the game during season one, you’re not really behind. Except there is one thing that carries over in the game.

The first thing that carries over will be your map. If you look at the map and see all of the portions uncovered visually, that will carry over to your new seasonal character. Meaning you don’t have to rediscover the map.

However, this is not true necessarily for waypoints. You will have these same major city waypoints in the seasons. However, the rest of the map will be uncovered. But you will need to go acquire the waypoints again. So you will need to walk around and pick up the ones, but you will still have these main waypoints.

Okay, so the only difference between like a season and new character in terms of the map is actually that the map is uncovered. So it’s a little bit of a buff for your seasonal characters. However, the renown on the new characters doesn’t 100% carry over.

For instance, you can see I have the check marks of all of the renown on a new character because I’ve done the renown already on this realm. The realm from your eternal realm that you’ve already accomplished will only count for the map discovered as well as your altar of Lilith’s acquired. So you will effectively get the first two unlocked.

Just about the rest of the renown will still need to be done because your side quest will need to be completed as a new character.

Your strongholds are still going to be need to be done and then like I mentioned, a lot of those waypoints will still need to be collected. However, the stats from the Altar of Lilith, this is a brand new character and you can see I’ve already got a lot of stats.

All of the stats from the Altar of Lilith will carry over from the eternal realm, meaning you can farm the Altar of Lilith now and that is something that will save you time when seasons come out.

Now you might actually be wondering why would I participate in seasons at all? If there’s a realm that’s permanent that stays, why would I even want to make a new character and participate in seasons? Well, this is a good question, so let’s try to explain it.

Typically seasons in the ARPG type of genre and specifically the Diablo have something exciting they’re going to happen in the new seasons. Very typically there’s some seasonal mechanic. For instance, if you remember the Diablo three last season there was this altar like thing you can sacrifice as all these different bonuses. There’s something that very much changes the core gameplay and mechanics of the game.

But in Diablo they have also stated there’s going to be seasonal quest that come to these games and the seasonal quests are more of like big overarching story type of points. So it should be closer to a doc or expansion than any of the previous games that we’ve had within this genre. There’s also objectives within the season.

There are objectives of which you would like to attempt to accomplish during the season in order to get rewards. Now if you have played any of the previous Diablos, you’ll remember there was like herodrix blessing where very often you would get like a set or something that’s associated with one of the bonuses in it.

And if you actually look at this you’re going to see one of the rewards is actually a legendary aspect. So I would assume it’s something similar here where there’s actually going to be bonuses to certain aspects, things that really change the core fundamentals of combat. There is also seasonal blessings.

This is not Pay the Win, but it is something that has been construed as potentially being that you cannot farm these any faster with the Battle Pass. And we’ll talk about the Battle Pass in just a second. But just to get that out of the way, this is something that you will basically accomplish by completing your challenges and going through the Battle Pass levels, etc.

The free portion. Again, there’s a free and premium, premium only being cosmetic, but the Smothering ashes that you get through doing the season, you can use to effectively get boost for that seasonal character. For instance, Boost XB, Boost to go, boost to rare materials, boost to the duration of Elixirs.

Effectively, this is another enhanced, accelerated type of growth mechanic. So that way, let’s say you play the Eternal Realm and you only try two of the classes. When you try your third class, you’re actually going to get some sort of enhanced type of mechanic.

So that way you can maybe make the character level a little bit faster, maybe have a little bit more of an opportunity to try something you otherwise couldn’t have tried at that level. Here’s a screenshot of the Battle Pass. And the way the Battle Pass is actually going to work is the locked ones are through purchases only, which are going to be cosmetics and premium currency only for cosmetics. Whereas the free track you get from leveling your character and you will unlock some free cosmetics as well.

As you can see here, it says Ashes, and that right there would be the Smoldering Ashes, okay, which are for the mechanic that I just explained. So the Battle Pass will be another seasonal mechanic.

Even though Battle Passes very often get associated with Pay the Win or over the Top monetization, it’s really just another simple seasonal leveling mechanic of a way to acquire certain types of resources. And yes, cosmetics while you’re doing it, doing the actual seasons objectives will get you the favor, which will enhance your Battle Pass further accelerating the growth of your character. And if you’ve seen my previous videos about the data mine, there is potential for there to be new world Tiers released with the new seasons.

I do believe they will probably use the new seasons, which will be quarterly, by the way. So there’s going to be a new season effectively every three months, which is for a year.

And during that time, we’re probably going to see that’s when they start putting the major additions into the game. For instance, World Tier Five, the new gyms, all of that stuff that stay the mind. I would assume we would see that with the addition of the new seasons. And if you watch the Diablo 4 campfire chat that they talked about, they actually did break down some of this information as well.

And they explained to us that a lot of the major changes, for instance, Nightmare Dungeon experience, buffs the sigils, teleporting you directly to it, some quality of life changes, etc. A lot of that they’re trying to get done by season one.

And I’m sure when we get closer to the first season, which will launch here in mid to late July is the line they keep going with. So sometime probably from the 15 July towards the end of July, then we will get a full nuanced breakdown of patch notes, etc.

A few of the common points I’ve seen for Seasons is people are worried about oh, my character that I made is going to get deleted or whatever. Your character will stay on the same server that all of the characters for all the new Seasons ones will eventually be on as well.

You’re not losing anything by participating now. As a matter of fact, if you create a character and do the renowned grind now, that will factually help you going into season one and make you stronger, because your altar of Lilith will give you that bonus, including the stat bonuses that you get from the altars of Lilith as well. So do your Altar of Lilith and you will also have accelerated growth on new character because of this seasonal mechanic. So creating a new character is going to be the best time at Seasons.