Best Lakers Players Available for Purchase in NBA 2K20 MyTeam

Winning 16 NBA championships is no accident. The Los Angeles Lakers have dominated the league for years, and there have always been talented players on the team. This year, with the addition of Anthony Davis and a top-rated duo with LeBron James, the lakers could be the winner again. Now, let’s take a look at who are the best Lakers players available for purchase in NBA 2k20 MyTeam?

Anthony Davis (OVR 95)

• Card Type: Premium
• Position: C / PF
• Best stats: 98 shot IQ, 98 offensive consistency, 98 hands
• Cost: 93k

Despite playing a single game in the purple and gold of the Lakers there’s a case to be made that Anthony Davis simply being on the roster is one of the best moments for the Lakers in the last decade.

AD is averaging 26 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 3.2 assists through the first 21 games of the season, collecting this 95 rated card as part of the Moments of the Week squad in week 6.

A threat to score from anywhere on the offensive side and one of the best shot blockers and rim defenders in today’s modern era, Davis is the full package. His rebounding (96 offensive and 95 defensives) and dunking (95 standing and 90 driving) are two of the main keys to his game. His 90 rated defending will help you get those crucial steps. At 93k he doesn’t come cheap, but if you have enough mt 2k20, he’s definitely worth buying.

’56 George Mikan (OVR 95)

• Card Type: Legacy
• Position: C / PF
• Best stats: 98 hands, 97 shot close, 95 defensive rebound
• Cost: 47k

George Mikan was the first Laker great. Back when they were still playing in Minneapolis, he was the league’s most dominant scorer, but only played for 7 seasons. Still, he won 5 Championships, 3 Scoring Titles, and led the league in boards once. He was named the NBL’s Most Valuable Player in 1948. His number 99 jersey has since been honored by the Los Angeles franchise.

His dominance in the paint in terms of scoring (93 inside scoring) and rebounding (94 OVR) his main strengths. He is significantly cheaper than AD though, costing 47k.

’03 Kobe Bryant (OVR 94)

• Card type: Prime VIP
• Position: SG / SF
• Best stats: 95 vertical, 95 overall durabilities, 95 driving dunk
• Cost: 140k

Whenever people discuss who belongs on the Los Angeles Lakers all-time team it’s hard not to include Kobe Bryant despite the storied history of the franchise. In many ways, he’s seen as the Michael Jordan of the west coast and will be an icon for the rest of the time in the world of the NBA.

There wasn’t much that Kobe didn’t do during his 20-year career in Los Angeles. With 18 All-Star appearances, won 5 Championships, 1 MVP, 2 Finals MVPs, and 2 Scoring Titles, yet it was his tenacity and determination that made him stand out from the pack. His legacy with the Lakers goes way beyond stats, and that’s why Lakers fans consider him the greatest player to ever wear the Purple and Gold.

Kobe could cook from wherever on the court he pleased (84 close, 94 mid and 89 3pt shot) but could also help with stops on the defensive end, particularly on the perimeter (92 rated perimeter defense) where his quick reactions helped him to pick up a number of big steals (90 rated).

At 140k, Kobe is the most expensive Laker available currently. Do you want to get him? Sufficient NBA 2k20 mt is essential, you can buy cheap mt 2k20 in u4gm, fast delivery, safe transaction, trustworthy.

’06 Nick Van Exel (OVR 92)

• Card type: Prime VIP
• Position: PG / SG
• Best stats: 98 shot IQ, 96 acceleration, 96 speed with the ball
• Cost: 13k

Van Exel currently works as an assistant coach at the Memphis Grizzlies and spent time at numerous clubs across his career, but is best known for his five-year stint in LA in the 90s, with whom he earned his only All-Star appearance in 1998.

Nick the Quick was famed for his athleticism (94 OVR) and in particular his ability to bring the ball up the court quickly (96 speed with ball). Due to his trademark speed, Van Exel earned the nickname Nick The Quick. At just 13k.

’87 A.C. Green (OVR 91)

• Card Type: Legacy
• Position: PF / SF
• Best stats: 99 overall durabilities, 95 hustle, 95 stamina
• Cost: 15k

Green was probably the only Laker who won the title with Magic and Kareem, and with Kobe and Shaq. He was a starter when Los Angeles Lakers won 2 NBA Championships (1987. 1988), but he was also a starter when they beat the Philadelphia Sixers in the 2000 NBA Finals. He won three titles with the Lakers and made one all-star appearance during his time in LA in 1990.

Green went a crazy 1,192 straight games, earning him the Iron Man nickname and as a result, it’s no surprise to see him with the maximum 99 ratings in overall durability. His stamina (95) and hustle (95) are his other highest attributes.

With 9.6 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game, A.C. Green was a very good defender and probably one of the most underrated players in Laker’s history.

The above are the top five players that the Los Angeles Lakers can currently purchase. You can purchase and use them in the NBA 2k20 MyTeam to enhance the gaming experience.



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