10 Ways to Get Stubs & XP Fast in MLB The Show 24

2 min readMar 20, 2024

Stubs in MLB The Show 24 are the game’s Virtual Currency that are used for all in-game purchases, including to buy packs, marketplace purchases, entry fees, and more. Experience Points (XP) can be earned from playing the game and allows you to earn rewards and items as you go along.
Here are the best ways to get Stubs and XP fast in MLB The Show 24!

1. Play the Game

You can earn XP and Stubs simply by playing in various games line Online Rated and more.

2. Win Mini Seasons Championship

Mini Seasons are a single-player mode in Diamond Dynasty where players go through an entire 28-game season against CPU teams in three-inning contests. Winning the championship awards 10,000 Stubs.

3. Marketplace Selling & Flipping

One way to make Stubs is by selling cards on the Marketplace in Diamond Dynasty. Another, more effective method is ‘flipping’. In the simplest terms, ‘flipping’ a card means to buy a card low and sell it high. The ‘skill’ of flipping comes from having an eye for what the card’s consistent value is and what it can (likely) get on the open market at any given moment.

5. Play Showdown

In ‘Showdown’, players draft a team and complete challenges until they eventually face off against a superstar in the final challenge. Even though some Showdowns come with a small entry fee, you can earn 300 per Stubs per challenge.

6. Complete Programs

Completing Programs is an easy way to rack up Stubs. For most Programs, reaching new levels comes with Stubs bonuses.

7. Complete Collections

You can also make Stubs in MLB The Show 24 is by completing collections. Most collections will give you Stubs on top of any cards, packs, or other rewards that are offered.

8. XP Reward Path

You earn XP simply by playing MLB The Show 24 and as you progress along you can unlock rewards along the way that include Stubs / rewards you can sell for Stubs.

9. Compete in Events

You can also earn XP and Stubs by winning games during online Events in Diamond Dynasty.

10. Microsoft Rewards (Xbox only)

Another way to make Stubs in MLB The Show 24 is utilizing Microsoft Reward Points. You just sign up for the program here and follow the directions.

10. Buy Stubs

As a last resort, you can always purchase Stubs if you don’t feel like grinding or have the time to grind.